Thursday, March 29, 2012

Asus 1001-PXD Project: Keyboard Replacement

After I got Easy Peasy running, I ordered a replacement keyboard on eBay.

The keyboard that came with it was warped and bulging a little in spots, so I wanted to install a fresh one.

I found some instructions online that described the steps involved, but this YouTube video was very helpful.

You can use a spudger or a small standard screwdriver to make the switch. The key to getting the top part of the keyboard out is to push the small connectors at the top back a little, allowing the keyboard to pop out. I mangled one of the keys on the old keyboard trying to find the right angle. No permanent damage.

The keyboard I bought was for a 1001HA, but it worked perfectly in the 1001PXD. In fact, the colorized icons look even better than the original. The netbook is working liking a dream.

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